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Why Us?

Fast Cash Advances on Your Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits can take months or years to settle.  During this time, the injured party often lacks money to pay for living expenses.  As a result, insurance companies often delay settlement to force the injured party to accept a lowball offer.

Lawsuit cash advances or “lawsuit loans” as they are most often called, eliminate the financial pressure to accept an offer too soon and too low!  This gives your attorney time to fight for you and maximize the compensation you deserve!

Pay us nothing unless you win your case!  Funds can often be transferred the same day as approval!

We offer one of the lowest rates in the pre-settlement funding industry.  We will also help you budget your lawsuit loan and even identify whether there are alternative sources of funds available.  See our blog on alternative sources of funds – Covid-19 financial assistance.

Call  or  email us today to learn how Salvo Park Funding can serve you best!